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Early Saturday Afternoon, and Gaming Tonight

Just back at home after spending the early afternoon out.

spross and I went over to the local Harvey's, where I had an Angus burger for lunch. With some relish, a tomato, and lettuce, it was quite good.

From there, it was over to Chapters South Keys, where I was looking for a calorie counter book that's been recommended to me. Naturally, they didn't have copies of the 2015 version of the book, but were also out of stock on the two previous editions as well. Will likely have to order that online somewhere.

From there, it was over to the pharmacy, as I needed to drop off the large container of used needles that I had, as well as the first two empty Solostar insulin pens. I got a replacement box for the needles and the like, and talked with the pharmacist about a different glucometer, as I may be needing a different model soon.

Finally, it was over to the WIND Mobile store to pay my monthly bill and see what kind of offers they have on at the moment. There's some pretty good deals on right now, but nothing I need given my own phone plan with them.

After that, spross dropped me off at the house again, while he goes off to work a Saturday shift. I've just had a cup of tea, and am going down to the den to do some work getting ready for this evening's game.

Yes, the Friday gaming group will be playing this evening. Due to several players being absent last night, it was decided not to game but all the players agreed to switch the game to this evening. So I'll be running the a|state RPG session this evening. Quite looking forward to it, but in the meantime, got to do some prep for the game. :)
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