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Monday Morning Blahhhhhs

Woke up this morning feeling like death warmed over. Talk about the Monday morning blaahs.

I tossed and turned most of the night, as I have the last couple of nights, and have been sick most of the weekend with a stuffed head, sore throat, and a bit of a hacking cough. All of this since about Thursday of last week, ever since I started taking the new medication. And all of this while I'm taking Biaxin for the toe problem. I think I've had...some sort of bug since CanGames, and that coupled with the stress and fatigue of running at the convention just made it hit me later in the week. This morning, my head is blocked to an infinite degree, and I can barely speak. Have no appetite whatsoever, but will force myself to eat a boiled egg and a piece of toast.

Called work, and will be working from home. Apparently, half the folks at work are out sick today.

Will post about the weekend later, when I get a chance, and if I feel well enough to do so.
Tags: diabetes, sick, work

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