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A Hectic Monday Morning

It's Monday morning. The week of Christmas.

So it's going to be a crazy, weird week, one that will not be helped by the weather, if what I've seen in the forecast is accurate. Some snow today, freezing rain tomorrow, and more snow into the Christmas period. Wonderful.

Yesterday's gaming session, was, to put it mildly, somewhat of a disaster in certain respects. I ran the Sunday players through the a|state game session that I had planned, but spross struggled to do his character's job of investigating the theft of a machine part and focused instead on the business of the murder. He doesn't seem to know the questions to ask or the process of how to investigate stuff from a roleplaying point of view, and it was a bit frustrating to watch Tammy give him hints and clues about what he should be doing. Otherwise, the game session was pretty good, and I had a good time. More on this stuff when I write the blog entry.

Work this week promises to be bizarre, to say the least, given the "interruption" of the Christmas holiday period, so I expect it to be very busy here at the office the first three days of the week. So far, it has not disappointed this morning.
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