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River of Heaven Is Here!

Some great news on the RPG front today.

Over on the River of Heaven RPG Kickstarter page yesterday, Newt Newton of D101 Games stated that he didn't think the rulebook for the game would be available until at least mid-January as he still hadn't gotten the latest print copies of the game, though he did make a scenario that was meant to be in the main rulebook, "Reunion", available. I was quite disappointed.

But this morning, it turns out that he got the final print proofs right after he posted the original update, and the book is great. Here's the image he posted of the new proofs.


So folks who backed the Kickstarter can head over to the DriveThru site and order their copies of the River of Heaven book at the backer discount, and the rest of the world can order copies of the book in pdf, hardcover, softcover, or pdf+hardcover/softcover format starting now. Here's the website link:

Can't wait to get my copy of the book in the mail, hopefully in the first couple of weeks of January. Looking forward to running River of Heaven in the new year. :)
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