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Boxing Day Gaming

Under normal circumstances, the Friday night gaming group would not be playing today given that it's Boxing Day and the long weekend...

That said, the Friday gaming group decided that they wanted to play this evening, but not the regular campaign that we've got going on right now of the a|state RPG. When I asked Kathy, Angela, David, Mark, and Ellie what they'd like to play, the group discussed it and said they'd like to do a Christmas-y game session of whatever roleplaying game I'd like to run.

So I spent parts of the past week working up a neat little premise for a Christmas themed one-shot session adventure for the Primeval RPG, and I'll be running that this evening.

Really looking forward to this, and the looks on my gamers faces when they figure some of the stuff out that they're dealing with in this holiday themed adventure. :)
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