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Saturday Morning Thoughts

It's Saturday morning. The weekend in between Christmas and New Year's for 2014.

Nothing much going on for the day, and I've not made any kind of plans or stuff.

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat groggy and a bit cool. I found that my blood glucose was 6.5, the lowest it's been in some time, but otherwise felt all right. Lay back on the bed for a few more minutes, and took another 10-minute nap.

Got up, washed, and made some breakfast, and have been sitting around for the last little while just taking it easy and trying to get my mental bearings for the day.

Last night's game of the Primeval RPG with a Christmas theme went over quite well. I'll blog about this a bit later in the day, though won't be writing up a detailed plot or anything along those lines, so for those interested keep an eye out on that.
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