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Monday Morning, and Bell Fibe Blues

It's Monday morning. Somewhat cold weather is back again, and I woke up relatively cold, as I'd not put an extra blanket on the bed last night.

A work day that's strange, because it's two days before New Year, and so lots of people are on vacation or taking an extended weekend (after the business with Christmas at the end of last week). So the office is relatively empty, and somewhat quiet. I'll be leaving the office early today, as I have to be at the house to wait for a Bell technician between 1 and 3 pm.

Health-wise, the weekend was relatively quiet, and I had a couple of good days. (Though my blood sugar still isn't where the doctors (and I) want it to be.) Getting stress-free likely helped in this regard, though things didn't work out on Sunday evening.

I was recording some movies off the boob tube, as well as episodes of Eastenders and The Librarian for the day, and things were working fine during the early afternoon. When I went upstairs to make supper, I noticed the receiver/PVR device was flashing on and off, and then died before repeating the whole process, and I couldn't actually get any tv station at all. I called Bell, and after some checking, I was told that the receiver/PVR was on the fritz, and that they'd need to send a technician with a replacement. So that'll happen today between 1 and 3 pm. The bad news, unfortunately, is that I've lost all of the 10+ hours of PVRed stuff that I'd not gotten around to watching, including several episodes of Eastenders and The Librarians Santa episode from last week. Or the week before, or whenever it was. *sigh* That said, since I couldn't watch tv last night, I settled back and watched three more episodes of the Bomb Girls series on DVD. So the evening wasn't completely a loss.

Anyway, I plan to do some relaxing when I get home from work today, and hopefully there won't be too many problems with the business with the receiver/PVR when the technician comes to the house.
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