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Good News, Bad News

Well, as the expression goes, the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Good News: I am typing this. Head has cleared somewhat, fingers are responding to brain commands.
Bad News: Am still sick.

Good News: Went to the doctor yesterday. He sent me for x-rays. The x-rays came back, and the doctor called to let me know that I do *not* have pneumonia. The x-ray was "normal".
Bad News: Am still hacking away somewhat.

Good News: Concern over the infection and all, to both my toe and my chest/lungs, has led the doctor to put me on the "SKtIitAABWH"1, Levaquin. Seven days of Levaquin.
Bad News: Levaquin makes self very, very sick to stomach. Considering how little I ate during the first few days of illness to begin with, this not good.

Good News: I have some doozies of (erotic) fever dreams; if I'm having erotic fever dreams, I can't be *that* ill, can I?
Bad News: (for you dear readers) None, that I will share with you.

Good News: I live, but I am still sick.
Bad News: There will be no gaming this weekend.

I now return to bed. Sleepppppppppp....

1Strongest Kick the Infection in the Ass Anti-Biotic We Have
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