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First Saturday of 2015

Saturday morning.

A somewhat cold, crisp day for the first Saturday of 2015. Not to be unexpected, with the time of year, though from the weather forecast, things are going to get pretty crazy this weekend, running the gamut of snow, freezing rain, and rain. Oh joy, oh bliss.

Last night, the Friday gamers played their first session of the new year, continuing on with the a|state game campaign they're involved in. The game session was a lot of fun, and everyone had a good time with it it last night. I'll blog about the session as soon as I get a chance to transcribe the game notes and then post them up to the LJ.

I got out bright and early this morning, and managed to do a bit of grocery shopping. I needed to pick up some food staples, as well as some veggies and the like, and I feel pretty good about this. Leg is hurting somewhat, but such is my life this past few years, though the pain is a bit more bearable today.

No real plans for the rest of the day, other than to relax, do some house cleaning, and perhaps watch a DVD or do some reading.

Just another Saturday at Casa Kahane. Nothing to see here, so move along. :)
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