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Broadchurch Series 2 Airs Sunday Night!

Just been browsing the newspaper this afternoon, and saw in the TV Times listing that there's something to look forward to on tv on Sunday night.

The second series of the English show Broadchurch begins Sunday night at 10:00 pm on Showcase Canada. Hooray!

The first series of Broadchurch was absolutely brilliant, and spawned an American version of the series, renamed as Gracepoint, that didn't fare as well for a variety of reasons. Most of the cast from the first UK series are returning for the second run of it, though there will also be a batch of new faces as well.

I'm pretty surprised to see that the show is going to air here in Canada so quickly, given that it only started in the UK about a week or so ago. This is a nice surprise, to be quite honest.

Can't wait!
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