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Wednesday Morning Thoughts

It's another brutally cold day here in the Ottawa valley. On the other hand, it's very bright out there because of the sun and the reflections off the snow.

Today promises to be a busy day here at work, so I'll definitely be tied up with stuff until noon. After that, I have an appointment at the Riverside Hospital Diabetes Clinic
with my dietician. While my blood glucose levels are down and stabilising somewhat now due to the insulin, they're not as low as they should/need to be (depending on who you talk to), so I hope that the meeting with the dietician will give me some good advice in this regard, and that she can make some suggestions on some foods, recipes, that sort of thing.

This evening should be a good one. I'll be running the a|state game tonight, continuing on with the campaign that the Wednesday night players are currently playing. They've not been able to play a lot of the game as yet, due to weather and time constraints, so this should be an enjoyable game session this evening.

Just really hope that there's a break in the weather and that it warms up (relatively speaking) somewhat and soon.
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