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The Good and the Bad of This Friday Morning

It's a Friday morning in the Ottawa valley, and I was woken up before the alarm went off at 5:10 am by the sound of snow ploughs and what sounded like scratching coming from inside the wall that separates my bedroom from my bathroom. Just dandy.

The weather forecast looks like it's going to include lots of snow, warmer weather, and then turning very cold once more. Not crazy about the weather in Ottawa the last few weeks, to be truthful. I really can do without this.

Gaming-wise, there is good news and bad news about this evening's game. The bad news is that three of my five players are down for the count with a nasty version of the flu bug that's going around. The good news is that the other two players, Angela and Mark, have decided that they want to game this evening, and they're rather interested in some River of Heaven stuff, but we'll see what we'll see (see above about the weather).

In good news, the appointment with a rheumatologist about my ankle/leg condition is finally coming up early next week. It's been almost three years (if I remember correctly) that I've had the pain and problems with the ankle that were thought to be diabetes-related. But with the neuropathy gone from my feet since starting the insulin therapy, it has merely brought home the fact that the ankle pain and swelling is *not* due to the diabetes, so the fact that I'm finally seeing a specialist is a breath of freshness for me. Will see how that goes on Tuesday.

For the moment, gotta focus some more on the job this morning.
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