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A Cold Saturday Morning

A Saturday morning in Ottawa.

And an extremely cold morning here in the Ottawa valley. The temperature as I write this is a bitterly cold -26oC with a windchill of -38oC. A blue balls kind of day, if you take my meaning.

I'll be going out in a few hours to do some grocery shopping, and hope that the temperatures warm up somewhat. I've got to buy some veggies for tonight's new recipe that I'm concocting, and need to pick up a box of lancets, as I've only got three left for pricking my fingers and drawing blood.

Last night's gaming session with the two players from the Friday night group went pretty well. They created some sample characters for the River of Heaven RPG, and seeing as they had a bit of time afterwards, then played a short example sequence that I created on the fly to show them how the game system works. I'll blog about this later today, but for now things to do.

The afternoon, I plan to take it easy, possibly watch an episode on DVD and/or PVR, and do a bit more reading for the River of Heaven game. Evening promises to be quiet, but I've got a new recipe to try out for supper, as mentioned, and there's a hockey game on the tube, so my evening's accounted for methinks.
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