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Of Weddings, Gaming, and TV Stuff

'Tis Sunday morning in the Ottawa valley.

Another cold morning today, though not as bad as it's been the last two weeks or so, but the temperatures are supposed to warm up nicely somewhat, though there's an expectation of snow to come down during the next day or so. Ah well, that's winter in Ottawa. :)

I won't be gaming with the Sunday group today (awwww!) as I'll be attending a friend's family wedding this afternoon, and will go to the reception afterwards. I'm not as close to these people as some, so won't be staying for the whole affair afterwards, but that's perfectly fine. What this means, of course, is that I won't be running the a|state gaming session today, but that's cool. I need a bit of time off roleplaying for various reasons at the moment, other than reading River of Heaven and doing up some sample characters for that, so I'm not as discomfited by this as I could have been.

Tonight, there's a good deal of stuff on television. The two final episodes of the season for The Librarians are on Space tonight, and Showcase Canada will be airing the second episode of Broadchurch Series 2, so I'm quite looking forward to that.
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