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Lots of Monday Morning Thoughts

Monday morning in the Ottawa valley.

Another crazy day of weather, with several centimetres of snow already having fallen, and the temperature is going to get colder, with freezing rain in the forecast for later today.

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat under the weather, with a weird tickle at the back of my throat, but it was helped somewhat by eating and the hot cup of decaf coffee that I had with breakfast. I'm drinking a cup of hot chai at work right now, and that's helping somewhat. Speaking of work, this week promises to be a slow week, as the current translation job I'm overseeing has hit a bit of a snag. So a slow week, as I said, unless something changes in this regard.

This week, GenCon 2015 registration occurs starting on Friday, and the hotel stuff starts to happen on the 25th, though I'm not sure how this is going to work (and that's with the convention's informative e-mail on the subject). I've got work to do on the a|state scenario that I'm running at CanGames 2015 this week as well, and want to continue prepping the River of Heaven game campaigns as well. Reading the RoH rulebook in the physical format has been enjoyable so far, and there's a lot of good stuff, good ideas, and inspiration for new scenarios, plot ideas, and various geekery of the hard science variety.

In the meantime, this week (tomorrow, in fact) finally sees my appointment with the rheumatologist to see what's going on with my bad leg/ankle. I'm really hoping that something positive comes out of this, since it's been with me for at least two years and is getting seriously problematic the last six months. But one step at a time, as they say, both literally and figuratively.
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