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Rheumatology Test Results (A Bad Day)

Took the day off from work since I had to see the rheumatologist in the mid- to late morning. As it turns out, I'm glad I did.

The appointment with the rheumatologist this morning was scheduled for 11:10 am, and I got to the doctor's office well before time so as to fill out the paperwork. Which I did. A lot of questions to answer about various medical history aspects of my life, but I managed to get through them. Then came another interminable wait. And then I finally got to see the doctor.

The news was bad, very seriously bad.

The family doctor was right, in his diagnosis about a year and a half ago. The pain and swelling in my left ankle are due to the diabetes, and are not arthritis, though there is arthritis there in several of my toes that may be unrelated. However... the MRIs that I had a couple of weeks back (which I may or may not have blogged about) on my left ankle confirm that I'm suffering pretty bad nerve damage in the ankle and this is what's causing the severe pain in the area and the foot as well as the swelling that I've got there.

There's nothing that can be done about the damage already done, though there are a couple of medications that I can take to alleviate the pain somewhat. He suggeted that physiotherapy might help somewhat, but that I'd also be served by orthotics. I've also got to take better care of myself to ensure that this situation doesn't deteriorate any more (and to keep things stabilised now as best I can). The rheumatologist told me that if I'd come to him three years ago or so when this first started, something might have been done about it to at least alleviate the situation, and perhaps make it less severe than it is now. But that's water under the bridge, and no use wishing for stuff that shoulda been done. He's going to send me to the Ottawa General for a series of nerve conduction tests, but that's still gotta be booked and all, and then I'll be seeing him again about the results of those tests.

Anyway, this is all on me. It's my fault. And that's something I've got to live with from this point on. And then... I've got to do better.

I'm feeling sad for myself at the moment, and am going to curl up on the couch (as best I can) for the rest of the afternoon after I take a couple of Tylenol. in bed for the rest of the afternoon an
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