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A Busy, But Relatively Quiet, Day

Wednesday morning in the Ottawa valley. Hump day.

As most folks know, yesterday was just a bad day, for reasons that can be found in yesterday's blog entry on the rheumatology report. While I can't say that I feel all that much more positive about matters this morning, I can say that I feel physically relatively well this morning.

Work this morning is somewhat slow, but has picked up a bit since most of my co-workers have arrived on the job, and while it's not as cold outside as it has been, it's still pretty brrr-y out there, so hot tea and a biscuit or two has been a welcome diversion this morning.

My plan for this afternoon is to get off the computer for the rest of the day when I get home. I'm feeling a bit headache-y for the most part, partially because I've spent a good deal of time on the computer at work this week, and so feel the need to withdraw a bit from the computer headspace. Maybe read a bit, if I feel the desire, or perhaps watch a couple of episodes on DVD or so.

For now, back to the work at hand here at the office. And a bit of listening to some flute music while I work. A busy, but relatively quiet, day.
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