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Disease Observation

Work is proceeding apace, and I'm taking my morning coffee break. The sad thing is that there are only seven (!!) of us in the office, everyone else is out sick with the bug that laid me low, and most of us here at the office are still suffering from it in one form or another.

Donna and I have been talking about stuff while working this morning, and I made the observation that it's interesting that throughout history, disease outbreaks (regardless of the seriousness and potency of the disease in question) not only tend to occur in concentrations of people, but also tend to last longer in large concentrations of people. Not a new observation, and certainly not earth-shattering.

Donna's comeback to that was understated: "Yep, [disease] bugs are social. They depend on us for their continued existence. *cough, cough*"

I now go to have some more hot tea and some a few slices of cheese. I return the rest of you to whatever you happen to be doing today, and trust that things are going well.
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