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Some Friday Morning Thoughts

It's Friday morning.

And I've definitely caught some sort of bug (hopefully not the flu).

I've come in to work this morning, since I'm not feeling that bad ::knock on wood:: though how I feel later on today remains to be seen. Work has slowed down as the week has moved on, so I'm not overly stressed out at the office this morning, and only have a mild headache at the moment.

There's a few other things that I need to take care of today. Registration for GenCon Indy opens today, so I'll need to take care of that when that begins.

I've got to stop off and do a bit of grocery shopping on the way home, as I need some veggies and the like for the evening meal.

And lastly, I need to decide whether I should game with the Friday night group this evening, given that I've caught something. While I don't feel too badly, I'll talk to the Friday night players (and see how they're doing) and let them decide whether they want to game this evening or not.
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