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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - a|state Session 6

The Sunday afternoon gaming group continued on with their a|state RPG campaign yesterday, and it was a mixed session. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.


Tucker Harris (SteveR) - Provost
Megan "Mouse" Owens (Tammy) - Antiques Hunter

Mist 15th, 997

The morning dawns bright and relatively cool. Tucker Harris goes to the Community Service Board office at 26 Lake Boulevard, and after seeing Rolf Garner, obtains a temporary set of citizen papers for the TCMAA, with his permanent set of papers to be issued within 2 weeks. He is told that he must be present to receive said papers in person or his citizenship will be null and void. They will be delivered to his place of residence at 2 Scritch Lane.

Tucker returns to Provost Bunker 112, arranges to get a new Provost uniform, completes the paperwork he had to do at the behest of Sgt. Borwett, and then goes and returns the clothes he borrowed from Ergan Hollowsmith's streetclinic. He then heads back to Cleaver Lane. There is a lot of construction going on on the street, notably at 123 Cleaver Lane. There are some 30 masons, woodworkers, other workmen and support staff, as well as all sorts of construction materials and supplies present. The construction people and materials even go into the street, and across the way, Henrietta Painscott is offering cold beverages to several of the workers. Between the ongoing work and the numbers of people, it is very noisy and loud. Tucker sees Allen Cleery talking to what appears to be the foreman in an aggrieved manner about the work, and goes to talk to the antiques hunter. Cleery tells Tucker that if he wants to talk, he'll have to do it on the way to the Green Canal; Cleery has an appointment in Sleeping Vale. As they walk, Tucker learns that an aerostat, possibly Provost, picked him up, but that Cleery knows very little else. Realising that he's walked back with Cleery almost to the streethealer's, Tucker decides to go back to the Bunker.

Back at 123 Cleaver Lane, Megan Owens watches from the rooftop as Allen Cleery and Constable Harris move off. She sees an out-of-place figure, definitely not a workman, picking his way cautiously towards the house. She descends, and finds that it's Hatchee, one of Hebbie's Cleavers. He tells her that he's come with a message from Bluespark. They go into the house, but as they do so, Megan spots two workers seemingly ambling off. She talks to the foreman, Hiram Polyproot, who tells her "They're not my [workers], Miss Mouse." She goes into the house with Hatchee, but he tells her he doesn't know who they are. He tells her the message from Bluespark: "The cargo was delivered, nothing went awry, and the donations were gratefully accepted." The two of them hear a noise, coming from the hallway that leads to the downstairs loo, and Megan sees a figure that doesn't belong there, wearing workmen's clothes.

The faux workman flees for the roof, up the stairs in the house, with both Megan and Hatchee in pursuit. He reaches the edge of the roof, and as Megan comes towards him, turns, holding a vicious-looking knife in hand. He tells her to leave [Julia] Laycock's death alone. When she starts to ask him questions, he repeats the warning. He refuses to tell her who he works for, and Megan agrees to let him go. They do a dance of detente on the roof as he makes his way back to the stair entrance to the roof, and when the faux workman turns back towards her, Hatchee cold cocks him from behind. Hatchee draws a straight razor, but Megan tells him not to kill the faux workman, as they need to find out who he's working for. The two of them take him to the kitchen, tie him up, removing another knife, and have a spot of tea while they wait for him to recover consciousness. Hatchee tells Megan that she owes the Cleavers another favour. She agrees.

Tucker arrives back at Bunker 112, and takes some good-natured ribbing from his fellow officers. He goes to talk to Sgt. Borwett, who tells him that no Provost aerostat was sent to his assistance at the time of the shooting, given his...standing. Borwett catches him in a series of lies about his investigation into and involvement in the Julia Laycock murder investigation. He lied to the Provosts about what was going on, didn't report the Laycock murder, and has compounded the matter with the lack of progress into the matter of the mugging and theft of the machine part from the Painscotts. It was Harris's own report that started the investigation led by Sgt. Collins and his compatriots into the death of Julia Laycock. He learns that he was brought to the Bunker, given the drug Truth, and revealed *everything* of what he'd been up to after he'd been shot. Borwett tells him the only way for him to redeem himself and clear his name is to wrap up the Painscott case asap. When Tucker tries to talk to him some more, Borwett indicates the conversation is over at the point of a sparklock. Tucker vamooses.

Back at 123 Cleaver Lane, the faux worker comes around, and finds himself tied to a solid oaken chair. He won't give Megan any information, although he accidentally reveals to her and Hatchee that his boss is a "him". Megan checks his shoes, and finds Constable Harris's TCMA papers in the left shoe, and a couple of shillings in the right shoe. She sees that he has a tattoo of a snake, associated with the city-wide Cult of Saress, wrapped around a woman's face ("Maud"). When she asks him if he's a member of the Cult, she suffers a brain cramp [takes 1 Shock point] and suffers a momentary despondancy. She shakes it off, and sees him merely smiling evilly. He won't tell her who killed Julia, but claims that he didn't do the deed. He asks her what she's going to do with him, and he says that she'd better hope "they" don't come for him. "There are plenty of snakes out there," he says. She lauds her tea over him, but he says that he never developed a taste for the stuff; the poor can't afford "high falutin'" tea.

Alert to some sound, the faux worker looks around, listening. "It's too late," he says, "they're here..." Megan hears nothing at first, but then hears the sound of what seems to be metal scraping on stone (perhaps like snake scale on stone?]. A series of emotions cross her face, and then asking and getting the straight razor from Hatchee, she quickly and surprisingly slashes the faux worker's throat! She is shocked when the blood flow from her cut is viscous, and there appear to be some form of animal heads in the blood! - but not as surprised as she becomes when Hatchee shouts and points. They see a long, white, gleaming, fanged serpent emerging from one of the ground level air vents...

As mentioned, the Sunday afternoon game session of a|state was certainly an interesting one, part of the game session full of frustration for me and the second half a lively, full of roleplaying, part with some interesting dilemmas arising. Frustrating, because spross is playing his character like a chicken-without-a-head sufferer, running around and seemingly having no clue as to what he should or is supposed to be doing. He's making no progress with the character's investigations, and it's gotten frustrating for me, to say the least. Not to mention, he's doing very little roleplaying and very little reacting to much of anything. Lively because Tammy's character's situation could be considered precarious at the end of the session, because she's giving me a good show with her character, and because she surprised me twice during the course of the session with her actions.

Overall, the session of a|state was pretty good, I guess, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the situations in question resolve themselves, but the state of my health right now is putting a bit of a damper on things, too. Hopefully, we'll game again next Sunday.

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