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Need to De-Stress

As most of the folks around here who've been reading my blog or who know me are aware, I tend to be a bit... high-strung.

The last couple of days, with the GenCon 2015 housing mess that I found myself in have been very stressful (see this blog entry for more on what happened). And to be honest, my health and mental well-being have suffered from this quite a bit the last day or so. Adding to the stress that my life has in it right now.

I woke up this morning, and decided that enough is enough. The local Ottawa gaming convention, CanGames, is coming up the weekend of the 15th of May, and that's a lot closer than GenCon is right now. I've got a scenario to whip into shape for CanGames, and I'm going to totally forget about GenCon and all the hassles for that until after CanGames, and I'm promising myself that I'm going to de-stress on stuff for the rest of the week. (And if I can, the rest of my life!)

So for the rest of the day, and once I get off work (and for the rest of the week), I'm going to focus on CanGames stuff, some River of Heaven game reading and adventure plotting, and perhaps some DVD watching.

But for now, back to work with another cup of chai tea.
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