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A Blah Kind of Day

Another day in the Ottawa valley.

I woke up this morning feeling...blah. Slightly elevated blood sugar, headache behind the ears, a bit shaky, and somewhat cold with minor shivers.

By the time I finished showering and eating breakfast, I felt a bit better, but I've got a bit of a cough and a raspy throat. I've come in to work and while I don't feel too bad now, I feel as if I've got two lumps in my throat area. Donna has noticed that I'm not my chipper self this morning, and I told her that we may have to cancel this evening's gaming session.

I'll see how I feel as the morning progresses and the day goes on. All I know right now is that I'm feeling fatigued, and I'd just like to curl up into a ball and sleep or whatever.


I'm going to have a hot cup of peppermint tea.
Tags: health hut, office, personal, sick, sickness, work

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