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Visit to the Doctor

Just got home from the doctor's appointment, and that was not all that informative. He believes that the infection from the toe is not linked to the other infection that has made me so sick for the last few weeks (or however long it's been; I really should look over the back posts in the blog to see how long I've had this). The conclusion is that I have a virus that is going around, and that it just has to heal itself at its own rate.

Meanwhile, the toe problem that I have/had is resolving itself, and he thinks I will be fine. I need to be careful with it, get some proper foot care for my feet altogether, and that I should keep an eye on it. He wants to see me again in mid-July, so we'll see what goes down with that as well.

The cough persists, the sinus and nasal blockage persists, but I do feel somewhat better and am functional once more. In the meantime, life goes on.

Stopped off on the way home for lunch at one of the local Chinese buffets down on Bank and Hunt Club. The food is only so-so these days, but the prices are right for the moment. Didn't eat a lot, as I've not had much appetite the last few days, but that's all right, too.

Going to relax a bit for the afternoon, and read some more of the Sufficiently Advanced rpg. I am planning on gaming this week, assuming that a) everyone is healthy enough to do so; and b) everyone wants to game.
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