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Wednesday Gaming Session Cancelled

Well, gaming for tonight (Wednesday) is off.

I have to admit that in many ways I'm relieved, notably because I'm feeling under the weather somewhat.

I called Donna, David, and Kendall to find out what we would be doing tonight. While I'm feeling somewhat ill, it's not at the point of incapacitating me other than my voice (which is now back to being scratchy, thank Goddess). While Donna said that she could make it, she told me that David is feeling under the weather as he's been fighting a flu bug for several days now. Something she says he caught at work. While she herself is fine, she told me that she'd prefer not gaming tonight, and added that since I'm out of sorts myself, it might be for the best. So I called Kendall, and she couldn't answer the phone. Her husband picked up, and said that Kendall had flown back to Toronto this morning, as there was a family emergency (that I'm not going to discuss here). So with two out of three players not really able to make it out, I called Donna back and told her that gaming is off for tonight.

To be honest, while I was considering cancelling tonight's game because of my health, I was really hoping that we'd be able to play tonight, as I'm enjoying gaming with the Wednesday night gamers. So this means there will be no a|state RPG session tonight. (And for the most part, I'm kind of glad.)

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