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Of Saturday Morning, Health, and Dinner and a Movie

Feeling much better this morning.

I attribute this to the ingesting of some walnuts and half a banana yesterday, to get the necessary potassium replenishment in my body, on the suggestion of the diabetes dietician and knightbane. The left foot is somewhat stiff at the moment, a bit achy, but the nerve spasms have stopped for now, it seems. ::knock on wood::

We're back into the cold weather here in Ottawa, though not as cold as it's been the past few weeks, but I'm glad it was relatively warm yesterday evening, other than the bitterly cold wind.

Last night, the Friday night group and I went out for dinner and a movie, rather than have a gaming session. For dinner, we went to Kelsey's where we split a couple of appetizers (I had some bruschetta), I had a classic sirloin steak with Yukon mashed potatoes and grilled veggies (very nice!), and had a small portion of white chocolate peanut butter cheesecake (okay, a forkful, but that's all). (I took my blood glucose after supper, and it was a respectable 9.4. Not shabby!)

From there, we went to the movie theatre, and saw a premiere movie that I can't say anything about other than this: The film was pretty good, a bit too long, not intellectual, but raised a few interesting questions. It had excellent visuals. The acting was all right, but nothing stellar (pun intended).

I got home around 10:45, having to take my insulin shot when we emerged from the movie theatre, and by the time Kathy dropped me off at the house, I was ready to crash into bed (as I hadn't gotten any sleep the night before). Managed to sleep last night for a good 7-3/4 hours. Though I will probably take a couple of naps today as well.

Nothing really planned for today, other than to perhaps watch the Ottawa Senators NHL hockey game this afternoon (I think the Sens season is pretty much done, and they won't be making the playoffs this year, much as I would like them to). I'll also do some work on the River of Heaven roleplaying game, and finish watching the first series of the Broadchurch DVDs...
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