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Start of February, Hopes for a Good Month

Sunday morning. The first of February. A new month.

While I can't say that January was a horrible month, it certainly had moments that I'd like to forget and so I'm glad to see the back end of it. Aside from the cold weather and the snow storms, not to mention a few health problems in the month, January did have some good moments, so it wasn't a total loss.

But February is here. It's going to be a busy month, with several doctor's appointments (starting on Friday the 6th with my yearly eye appointment), and I've got some roleplaying game stuff to take care of, notably in getting ready for CanGames 2015 (which is now 3-1/2 months away...Eeek!). I'm hoping that March is a quiet month, that I don't have too much stress this month, and that the weather isn't too bad for this time of winter. ::knock on wood::

Anyway, here's hoping that February is a good month. :)
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