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Bits of This and That

A somewhat drab morning here in Ottawa, after the rains last night, that doesn't seem inclined to be getting any brighter, but will apparently get quite hot (especially with the humidity in the air).

Today is the first day in at least two weeks that I woke up and I actually felt relatively like me again. I've still got a touch of the cough, but the rest of my body doesn't appear to be bothering me as much as it has been in the past. The plan for tonight is that I will run the game for the Friday night group, as Kathy told me last night that they all want to game. SteveB was hit hardest by the virus, sort of like me, but is feeling feisty and ready to game, so the Friday night group will be in action tonight. The plan tonight is to start running Sufficiently Advanced tonight.

And a bit of medical news tying in to the weather somewhat, that I thought might be of interest to folks...

Vitamin D and Diabetes
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