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Tuesday Morning Thoughts

It's Tuesday morning in Ottawa, and the weather promises to warm up by this afternoon, but no such luck this morning.

More snow fell last night, and with the city seemingly behind on their street cleaning and plowing, the place is slicker than snot in places out there, and quite treacherous. Lots of morning accidents on the road.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty achy in places, and with a bit of a case of the sniffles. Nothing out of the ordinary these days. The nerve pain in my left ankle and lower leg has been pretty severe the last two days, and today is no exception. I've been taking Tylenol or Aleve, but there's no relief, and I don't see the family doctor for another month, though if the pain levels continue, I may have to book an earlier appointment just to deal with this.

Work today is somewhat slow and quiet, but I figure that will pick up as the day goes on. Nothing planned for this afternoon when I get home, though I will do a bit more work on the a|state RPG scenario for this May's CanGames. I've also got a couple of ideas for scenarios for the Primeval RPG that I want to jot down on paper as well. Have to see how my concentration and focus is, given the nerve pain.

For now, back to the day job. And a nice, hot cup of herbal tea.
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