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Wednesday Morning Stuff

Morning, LiveJournal.

It's a Wednesday morning, and that means that the work week is almost over. Yay! :)

I woke up this morning to find that there's snow on the ground and it was still snowing when I left for work - and it's still coming down, somewhat heavier, even as I type this. The forecast is for about 3 to 5 cms of snow over the course of the day, but judging by what I see outside, more than that will come down if it continues as it is.
Oh joy, oh bliss.

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat numb in the left arm, and with a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I may have pinched a nerve in my neck, possibly from sleeping on it awkwardly during the night or some such. In any event, both the shoulder and the arm are still bothering me even as I type this, but I'll see how things go the rest of the day.

Work is busy this morning, as the end of the week stuff piles up on my desk. Time to get back to it. Such is life.
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