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Primeval RPG or River of Heaven RPG PbP Game?

As most folks know, two of the more science fiction-oriented roleplaying games that I really love are the Primeval RPG and the new River of Heaven RPG.

I've been considering running a game of one or the other on-line, and while I've run several PBeM games over on Yahoo Groups, this time around I'm planning to run the game at either the Roleplay OnLine site or the Gamers' Plane site. The problem is I'm torn between which of the two games I'd run, Primeval or River of Heaven. So I figured I'd post this up to my blog, and see what folks had to say and if anyone might be interested in playing in an on-line game. :)

As mentioned, the two games in question are the Primeval RPG published by Cubicle 7, and the brand new River of Heaven RPG published by the folks at D101 Games.

The Primeval RPG is a modern-day science fiction rpg that is based on the successful Primeval UK tv series. As mentioned, this is a science fiction roleplaying game set in the modern day, in which temporal portals (called "Anomalies") are opening from the past and future into the present day, and your job as player characters is to contain the creatures and beings emerging from the Anomalies, while keeping the Anomalies and knowledge of them secret from everyone else. The player characters work for the Anomaly Research Centre (ARC), and the game's default setting is the U.K., though the game could also be run in a different country as well, such as the U.S. and/or Canada. Oh, and needless to say, this game has lots and lots of dinosaurs! The game system used is a variant of the Vortex rules found in Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space; the three most interesting elements of the game design are the Temporal Damage rules, the Exposure rules (dealing with not letting information about the Anomalies and the creatures coming through becoming public knowledge), and the Threat rules (a set of rules that makes the creatures coming through Anomalies less stereotypical).

On the other hand, the River of Heaven RPG is a cutting edge science fiction roleplaying game, that uses the OpenQuest mechanics (a lite version of the BRP rules). River of Heaven is a hard science fiction rpg, set against the backdrop of the early 28th Century, in a universe that is pre-Singularity (that is to say, while humans are able to modify themselves through genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and other means, they have not progressed to the point of being Transhuman). What makes the River of Heaven universe so interesting is that there is no faster-than-light (FTL) drive, though there have been a couple of alternative means (Visser Cube and Stepship) devised, but not by humans; the first from the Machine Civilisation, and the second through the work done by the supposedly destroyed species known by Humans as Spooks. That said, interstellar travel takes time, and the laws of time dilation are definitely in effect. :)

The reason I'm posting this topic is because I love both games enough to run them, but am undecided on which one I should moderate in PbP. Regardless of which of the two games I run as a PbP (and I will likely run the other game somewhere down the road), I want to say here that I've got the basics worked out for what I want to do with either PbP game and have a basic strategy mapped out, though this can and will be modified with input from the players in said PbP game. Regardless, I would like to moderate the game for up to 6 to 10 players, and play the game with reasonable amounts of posting from both players and Moderator (though that will vary according to peoples' schedules and the like).

In any event, I'd like to hear from folks who are interested in playing in these games, and what fellow gamers' preferences are for which game system they'd rather play in. And any comments, questions, and the like are also welcome in regards the two games.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to any comments, questions, thoughts, and of course feedback, in this regard. :)
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