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Last Night's SA Game

Last night, had the Friday night gaming group back in action again.

The players, five in all, started the Sufficiently Advanced science fiction roleplaying game, creating their characters. I gave the group an overview of the game universe and the mechanics, and the group then created their characters for the campaign.

Kathy is playing Kagiso, a Masquerader diplomat and mother, who has a rather skewed view of things given her upbringing and some of her personas.

SteveB is playing Phanishwar Mumbray, a rather unique Logician security man, whose good looks cause problems for him and who has a deviousness and sly nature that fit in well with his name ("King of Serpents").

Nick is playing Randy Mercutio, an Independent engineer who has worked with the Spacers on various constructions. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, except when it comes to his love of specific technologies...

Tom is playing Arand of Longway, a Unionist societal researcher who may or may not be more than he seems. Some believe him to have a spy mesh, but that would be outrageous, of course.

Joanne is playing Mata Hari (as in the historical figure, but based on the 1931 film featuring Greta Garbo), a Taoist who comes from a spy movies/femme fatales milieu. She's an accomplished dancer, actress, and of course serves the Tao in less savoury ways as well.

A really interesting set of characters, and a lot of rather cool ideas are all mixed in with them. Once the game gets going, I may post the characters up here in the blog, if there is sufficient interest (no pun intended) in them.

We spent a bit of time also going through the basics of the game mechanics, and how certain aspects of the game system work. The players liked a lot of it, but found it somewhat intimidating (particularly Joanne, who hasn't read a lot of high brown, transhuman/posthuman science fiction).

Should be interesting to see what next week brings. :)
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