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Friday Night Game Report - a|state Session 35

Had an excellent game session last night with the Friday night group. The players continued on with their campaign of the a|state RPG. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.


Cyndra Jesspian (Kathy Bauer) - Former macrocorp house-servant
Edricka Hatchett (Angela Marsh) - Stringer
Marcus Hangworth (David Matchuk) - Lostfinder
Genny (Ellie Bauer) - Street Urchin
Adrian Thornbrooke (Mark Williams) - Driver

Burn 4th, 997

The next morning, the player characters assemble at the Dead Scurt, where Hammy is annoyed that the various characters have all brought breakfasts with them from other establishments. Marcus Hangworth explains to Hammy that his food is really bad, and he is reluctantly forced to agree with the lostfinder. Once convened and sitting relaxing after breakfast, Marcus tells the other characters that he (and they) are going to help Edricka Hatchett, and find out what's going on. Cyndra Jesspian and Little Genny (Underhill) aren't inclined to do so, but a promise from the others to help them look into their own troubles brings the two around.

Based on what they learned the night before, from the thug killed by Edricka in a fit of anger, the characters head over to the Folly Hills docks, and the Rusty Knife bar. Relatively empty during the morning, there are still several customers lying about the place while a barmaid, Tanzy, is cleaning. Entering through a back door led by Adrian Thornbrooke, the characters confront the owner, Hallet Jasper, and learn that while he doesn't know where Janine Flint can be found when she's not in the place, he knows that she'll be there at around the 20th hour that evening. Marcus bribes him to not tell Janine they're looking for him, but Edricka senses that it's not enough. As they leave, Edricka tells Marcus and the others that Flint won't be found here when they show up that evening. Marcus tells her that he's counting on it.

Meanwhile, Genny goes back to talk to the members of the RBlades gang, and talks to their leader, Haven Redlocks. Haven reiterates again that she thinks "Gadget" Hawkins was killed because of someone's interest in her [Genny], though she can't - or won't - tell Genny more, even though the latter thinks she knows more. She talks to several other members of the gang before taking her leave, and learns that aside from several "strange types" that were asking questions about Genny, there have also been a couple of Simils seen in the area as well. Genny doesn't know the significance of the Simils' presence, but warns the others to be careful. She then heads back for the Dead Scurt, hoping to meet the other player characters there.

Marcus tells the characters to wait for him a moment, and goes over to a small group of street kids. They are suspicious, but when two of them say that they know Janine Flint, they accept his offer of several coins to send word to the Dead Scurt when Flint arrives at the Rusty Knife. Returning to the others, Marcus and the player characters head back to the Dead Scurt. They arrive to find Genny waiting there, and she tells them what she's learned. Marcus and Adrian are creeped out by the Simil involvement, both men telling the others that they've had several "dealings" with them before; not a pleasant experience.

Edricka tries to convince Marcus and Adrian to go with her to Rory's Hill, but the lostfinder tells her it's out of the question. They'd need to hire a couple of additional bodyguards in order to do so, and he's not owing favours to "folks of that persuasion". The stringer concedes the point, as she admits to not having any funds available for that herself.

Evening arrives, and while the characters are sitting and discussing matters in the Dead Scurt, one of the urchins that Marcus bribed arrives and breathlessly tells the lostfinder and the others that Janine Flint is at the Rusty Knife this evening. "Earlier than expected," Adrian points out, but Marcus says he's not surprised. With Edricka simmering about the assault on her, the group heads over to the dive bar, minus Genny, who is out with some friends for the evening.

As the player characters enter the Rusty Nail, absolute silence engulfs the place, and the regulars draw closer together, as if they're banding against the outsiders. Edricka points out Janine Flint to the others, and the group moves towards her rather menacingly. As they close in on Flint, the ghostfighter reminds Edricka of what she told her when they last met. They hear the click and hum of a sparklock, and glancing around, see that Hallet Jasper, the owner of the Rusty Knife, has a sparklock pistol pointed at them. And then there's another batch of hums, and several other men, several of whom Marcus and Edricka recognise, including Sendro and Hallis, emerge from alcoves also brandishing sparklocks. "So that's the way it's going to play out?" murmurs Marcus. And then all hell breaks loose...

This particular game session of the a|state roleplaying game was quite enjoyable, had a little bit of everything in it (though no combat until the session's climax), and I was pretty pleased with the players' roleplaying during this session. Various issues surfaced that the characters had to deal with, and the players definitely rose to the occasion. The highlight of the night came at the very end, with David's comment as Marcus, and then turning to me, he said, "Oh, we're all going to get really hurt now, aren't we?". I merely laughed, and said that he'd have to wait until the next game session. hehe

Anyway, had a really enjoyable game session, and am looking forward to the next session of the a|state campaign! :)
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