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A Monday Morning

Monday morning. The start of another work week.

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat tired, as the nerve pain in my left ankle and leg kept me tossing and turning all night. Since I did manage to get a bit more sleep during the weekend, I didn't feel as badly as I could have after a sleepless night, but still I would have liked to awakened refreshed and ready to face the work week.

The weather this morning is a bit snowy, but sunny, with flurries expected over the course of the day, and temperatures around the -11oC mark. Not too bad, and if the leg stabilises a bit today, I may go out for a walk at lunch time.

Sunday afternoon's game session of River of Heaven went over very well, and character generation proved to be a lot less painful than I expected it to be. More on this later today in a separate post.

Anyway, work this morning is somewhat hectic at the moment, so it's back to it. Got a meeting scheduled in about 10 minutes that I need to be at, so a cup of herbal tea must be made first.
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