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Sunday Afternoon Game - River of Heaven Character Creation

As mentioned earlier today, I spent Sunday after with the Sunday gamers creating their player characters for the recently published River of Heaven science fiction roleplaying game.

It was a pretty decent afternoon of gaming fun, character generation for the game system being quite simple yet involving in its own way. spross and Tammy didn't know all that much about the game system and the universe of River of Heaven, and so that made the afternoon's gaming more interesting in its own way.

Both players arrived relatively on time, spross a bit after 10 past 1, as he had a longer drive in the somewhat wintery conditions, so Tammy and I chatted for a few minutes while waiting for him. Once both players were here, the players and I got down to the process. Since none of the players had ever played the River of Heaven RPG before (since the game just came out last month), the procedure for creating player characters was a bit more intense than usual. That said, both players were more than intrigued about the game system and the universe of the gmae, and so I felt pretty much at ease.

I started off character generation for the River of Heaven game by going through the basics of the game environment with the players, gave them a choice of two different character sheets, explained the basic concepts of the game mechanics, and then started to answer questions that the players had about various aspects of the game world and the character creation process. Once each player had a basic concept in mind, we started in on character specifics, the players were able to create their characters. As usual, spross struggled to come up with a character concept and then seemed to have problems making decisions about the character during the character creation process.

The players came up with two pretty basic types of characters for the game, so I'm hoping that some of the personality and character background that they come up with for the characters will take things over the top, but I'll let others be the judge of that for now. :)

spross - SteveR didn't really hem and haw about his character concept, and created a, for now nameless, space technician. During the process, he didn't seem to imbue the character with any real flavour, but we'll see what he does about the background and the like. As mentioned above, SteveR struggled with the creation of his character, and was pretty slow to boot about the whole process. He waffled somewhat on whether he wanted to take a Genie or a Skinnie, and in the ended took the easy way out (to my mind).

Tammy - Tammy had a good idea of what she wanted to play (since we had talked about characters in the game system earlier), so she created an as yet unnamed (interplanetary) pilot. She came up with a couple of ideas for background stuff, and some interesting personality traits for the character, and so should be interesting to play and see what she does with the character.

Since there was a good amount of background flavour and info that we had to go through, character creation took a full four hours (mainly due to spross's slowness for the number crunching part), but did manage to completely finish the character creation process. Both players seemed to have a good time creating their River of Heaven characters, and both commented that the game system seems pretty simple, and that character creation was easy. Both players are looking forward to playing the game (which is a good thing!).

And to be honest, I can't wait to run River of Heaven, either! :)
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