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Wednesday Morning Ramblings

Wednesday morning. Half-way through the work week.

Thank goodness for that. It's been a busy work week for me, as I have assigned a team to a new language translation project, so at the moment am coordinating everything for the job.

On the health front, I'm having a heck of a couple of days at the moment. While my blood glucose numbers are good, the nerve pain in my left leg and ankle is pretty bad at the moment, and I'm struggling mobility-wise (among other things). And the pain is radiating up into my hip, which isn't helping matters.

The weather this morning is somewhat colder than it's been the last couple of days, but the temperature will be warming up slightly as a snow storm is expected to dump around 10 to 15 cms of the white stuff here in the city. Not as bad as some of the snowfall that's been happening in the U.S. and other parts of Canada, but personally I can do without more of the white stuff.

Roleplaying game stuff: I spoke to Donna this morning, and she told me that the Wednesday night gamers are interested in playing another game, other than the a|state RPG that they've been doing the last few sessions. Donna said that while they like the game, they would rather do some science fiction, and she told me that the players are interested in playing the Primeval RPG; she admitted that they're curious about it because she told them about the PBeM game (and now the PbP game that I'm running) that she was involved with for a bit, and so I'll see what they say when we game tonight. She told me that they also want to play River of Heaven. They were intrigued with the game when we did up sample characters for the game (see this blog entry on that), so it's potentially a toss-up between the two games, depending on what the players decide. Assuming gaming is on because of the possible bad weather tonight.
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