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R.I.P. Lizabeth Scott (1922-2015)

Terribly sad news out of Hollywood yesterday.

Best known for her roles in film noir, actress Lizabeth Scott died in late January at the age of 92.

Film Noir Actress Lizabeth Scott Dies at Age 92

I don't recall when I first started watching film noir, but I saw a movie called Pitfall (1948), and immediately fell in love and lust. Her smoky, sensual look, her husky voice... it was love all over again. The actress had a marvellous career in film noir, and I've seen them all - and most of the stuff that she did outside of the genre, where she was just as good and proved that she wasn't a one-trick actress-pony.

*sigh* Another departure from the mortal coil of one of my favourite film noir actresses.

R.I.P. Lizabeth Scott. May her femme fatale live on in the afterlife.
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