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It's Friday! - Weekend Almost Here

It's Friday morning.

The end of the work week, and the beginning of the long weekend (since it's Family Day weekend in certain parts of Canada, although not everyone will be taking the Monday off). Glad the weekend is here, as it's been a very long week for the most part. Just very busy with all sorts of stuff, notably work, and really in need of a relatively quiet weekend.

The weather today is bitterly cold, the wind chill making it even worse, and I'm quite happy to be working indoors, though I'm dreading the trip home. It's supposed to stay relatively cold for the next week or so, so the message I'm giving folks in the Ottawa area here is: bundle up! :)

Gaming this weekend is going to be pretty simple. I've got tonight's session of River of Heaven with the Friday night group, which will be character generation, and introductory session of the same game on Sunday afternoon, and need to get some work done on the Primeval RPG PbP game that I've started up over on Gamers' Plane.

Other than that, some cleaning up of the house, a bit of grocery shopping, and some computer file tidying up and the like. Oh, and catching up on some PVRed episodes.
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