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Sunday's RPG Session Thoughts

Still on the rpg theme (I guess that's the focus of today's posts, since I don't want to talk about how hot the weather in Ottawa is right now!), I had the Sunday gaming group over yesterday.

spross and Tammy were joined by their newest player, oni_neko. She's actually someone that I already knew, a lovely lady whom I had met at the CanGames gaming convention a couple of years ago (she played in the Deliria game that I ran one year, and the Hollow Earth Expedition game that I ran another year). In any event, she joined Tammy and spross for the game, and I hope that she decides to play with the group long-term.

I started the Sufficiently Advanced game with the Sunday gaming group, and they got into the character generation process. For some reason, I didn't have my head into the game and the situation as I normally do (still feeling somewhat stuffed up and all, and a bit nervous with the new player showing up and all), so I don't think I did the game justice as I usually do. I know I didn't go through the character generation process with the Sunday gaming group quite the same way that I did it with the Friday night group, and it showed in that the Sunday folks didn't finish their characters yet. So far, the group has:

spross created an Independent.

Tammy originally created a Roamer, but has since switched to a Tao character based on Joan of Arc.

oni_neko created a Mechanican.

I just feel like I made a whole bunch of mistakes in going through the SA character creation process. Too much initial detail about the Civilizations, too little emphasis and time spent on the Core Values and the Capabilities (since I had devoted too much time to the Civilizations and Societies), not enough discussion and time spent with the Themes, and...and...ah well, you get the picture... Overall, I just didn't think that it went as smoothly as I did the process with the Friday night group, and I just hope that the folks who came out to play yesterday don't hold that messy, seemingly unorganized session against me, or judge the game by it.

And yes, I promise to do better next time. :)

Note: Edited once to reflect change in Tammy's character.
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