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No Friday Night Game

As noted in this morning's blog entry, Kathy informed me on Wednesday that she and Ellie are waiting on "rushed" blood tests results, as she (Ellie) may have caught something nasty at school.

I heard from Kathy about 20 minutes ago, and she told me that the hospital called to say that the test results would be confirmed on Saturday morning. In the interest of all the gamers, and because she's worried about Ellie, Kathy told me that she and Ellie wouldn't be playing tonight. I spoke to the other three players, and while they'd be willing to game, decided to take the evening off.

So there's no gaming on this Friday night. This means the Friday night group will not be starting their River of Heaven game campaign this evening. This may not be a bad thing. I'm not feeling so hot myself, to be honest, and have a bit of a cough, some chest pain, ear and neck pain, as well as the rest of the usual aches.

Think I'll take it easy tonight, and just catch up on some reading and some relaxing.
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