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Sunday Morning, and Gaming Cancelled

Sunday morning.

A quiet morning. The world outside is covered in the blanket of snow that descended on the city over the course of yesterday (and it's not been cleaned up yet, though the roads seem relatively clear), and there's a kind of hush over the world. I managed to take a short walk this morning, as it's relatively warm outside (-13oC or so), and it was enchanting.

Normally, today being Sunday I would be gaming with the afternoon gaming group. But since spross is feeling under the weather today, we've cancelled the afternoon gaming session. So I will not be running the River of Heaven game this afternoon.

So I plan to spend the day doing some work on Primeval RPG stuff - statting up some new beasties, making some notes on a couple of new scenarios I have in mind, that sort of thing, doing a couple of things for the PRIMEVAL: Tales of the Anomalies Play by Post (PbP) game that I'm running over at Gamers' Plane (and yes, there are a few player slots still open in that, for anyone who wants to join!) - and watch the last two games, including the final, winner-takes-all game of women's curling for the Scott Tournament of Hearts.

Looking forward to this relatively quiet day. :)
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