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Monday Morning Thoughts

Monday morning. Start of a new work week.

I had a pretty good, relatively relaxing day of it yesterday. I spent much of the afternoon working on some new beasties for the Primeval Roleplaying Game, and statted up some five or six in all. Still got one (Icthyosaurus) that I'm working on, which I plan to finish up today. While the rest of the world was sitting and watching the Oscar Awards last night, I tuned in to the final in the Scott Tournament of Hearts curling match, and a nailbiting game between Manitoba and Alberta that ended with Jennifer Jones coming out of it with a last-shot 6-5 win. Brilliant match!

Spent a rather bad night, though. I did not sleep well last night. I kept tossing and turning most of the night, waking every 45+ minutes or so, and then going back to sleep. I did fall out of the bed at one point, and cracked my right ankle (the good one) on the bed frame. Not a good feeling, especially when I got up this morning.

Brr!! It's a cold one out there today! I woke up this morning to truly bitter cold weather, and am glad that I got to car pool to work and then work for the day in the office. The work load this morning is pretty light, for a Monday, but we'll see how that progresses during the course of the day.

Back to work, and going to have a hot cup of herbal tea.
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