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Wednesday Morning and Diabetes Thoughts

A warm Wednesday in the Ottawa valley. Much warmer than it's been for most of 2015, honestly. With the warmer temperatures, snow has fallen and may continue to fall in isolated flurries for most of the day.

Donna, who drove the car pool vehicle for the morning's drive in, said that the weather conditions made driving interesting this morning, though there weren't a lot of accidents reported, just a lot of slow downs.

Seeing as how it's Wednesday, this is the middle of the work week. It has been a truly busy work week, to say the least, and I am rather relieved that the week is at the mid-way point and almost over. It won't let up much until Friday, I suspect, but that's all right, though I can't seem to focus on that right now.

I have my appointment at the Riverside Hospital Diabetes Clinic this afternoon to see my endocrinologist. Finally going to find out how I'm doing, and whether the test results show that the insulin is actually doing its job or what. I'm hoping that perhaps I'll be able to go off one or more of the oral medications that I'm on, but considering it's been just over three months since I started insulin, I'm not being overly optimistic about that. Just hoping for the best. One step at a time, as they say.
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