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Back From the Diabetes Clinic

Been home since my appointment at the Diabetes Clinic with the endo. It's taken me time to process what happened at the endo doctor's at the Diabetes Clinic.

I arrived at the Diabetes Clinic around 45 minutes before my appointment, and was able to go down to the hospital cafeteria and have lunch. I ate some chicken with rice and vegetables soup, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Tasty, if nothing else.

From there, I went up to the Diabetes Clinic and sat around for 20 minutes waiting for my appointment with the endo, though I was weighed and had my blood pressure taken. I've lost two pounds in the last three months (since the last appointment), and my blood pressure was absolutely normal, the low end of normal. Yay! While waiting to see the endo, I sat back and wrote up some notes on my Notebook app for my mobile phone for a Primeval RPG scenario that had been on my mind most of the day.

I finally went into one of the small cubicles, and got to see the doctor. He started off by asking me how I was doing, how I felt, and what was going on, then looked at my diabetes logbooks for the past four months or so and was pleased at the blood sugar results I was getting. He then looked at the results of the blood tests, and showed me the results. I couldn't believe my eyes! My a1c was down to 6.9! My cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and some of the other stuff that had been high were way down, most of them normal and just one slightly above. He told me that some of the stuff I was feeling and the reason why my body felt so "off" at times was because it's healthier than it was, and the metabolism is still adjusting. In the meantime, he dropped another bombshell on me... He told me to stop taking the Januvia and the Diamicron tablets altogether, and wants me to start another drug, called Forxiga. If the drug works for me, it will lower blood glucose even more, and may actually allow me to come off insulin at some point, though he doubted that. I need to look on-line at some of the side effects of the drug, other than those listed in the pamphlet, and see how comfortable I am taking the Forxiga.

That said, I'm still in a little bit of shock about the truly great results of the blood tests and the dropping of the two drugs.

However, it's time to start thinking about supper, and then gaming tonight.
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