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Thursday Morning Happies

It's Thursday morning.

It's a bitterly cold morning here in the Ottawa valley once again today, but strangely enough I'm not all that bothered by it. I'm in a pretty good place mentally and mood-wise at the moment, largely in part due to the health status that I learned about yesterday at the Diabetes Clinic (see this post for more on that). That and the fact that I had an enjoyable game session of the Primeval RPG last night with the Wednesday group. (More on that in a separate post later today.)

Work this morning has been relatively busy, and I have a business meeting this morning at 11:00, where my team and I will be going over our progress so far on the current translation job. I plan to take the rest of the day relatively easy at home, work on a few more beasties for the Primeval RPG, and just enjoy the day in a fashion that suits me.
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