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Friday Morning Musings

It's Friday morning. The weekend is almost here!

The weather has gotten numbingly cold once more today, and the sun is out, so there's a bright cast to the world this morning. I woke up none the worse for wear, though I'm a bit full of trepidation, as I need to think about starting the new medication tomorrow. I've got a few issues about this, but we'll see if that can be resolved during the course of the day.

Work this morning is moderately busy, not unusual for a Friday, but it's keeping my mind off a few things so that's good.

When I get off work this afternoon, I plan to head home and stat up another couple of beasties for the Primeval RPG in the early part of the post-work period. After that, I've got some stuff to do for the River of Heaven game session that I'll be running this evening with the Friday night group.

Meanwhile, back to the day job.
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