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As noted elsewhere in my LiveJournal blog, I have just started running both the Friday and Sunday gaming groups through the start of my River of Heaven RPG campaign. Since this was the first game session of play of the River of Heaven RPG for the Friday night gamers, they started with an introductory session of game universe basics, game mechanics, rules, and sample combats.

To refresh folks' memories about the Friday night players' characters... Kathy is playing Hendra Carpentar, a belt miner who discovered something valuable that a lot of people wanted, and now she's somewhat on the run. A bit of a pilot type. Angela is playing Malina Arkestro, a bodyguard formerly of one of the Kentauran Houses who now works for an institute of higher learning. With a bit of the soul of an explorer, she's now acting as Grigor Morgant's bodyguard during his latest "expedition". Ellie settled on Zera Chirinos, the spoiled daughter of one of the minor Houses of the Kentauran Hegemony whose family was exiled for "unspeakable" deeds. Rebelling against the family, she's something of a technician, knows a bit about computers, but is still pretty young. David is playing the aforementioned Grigor Morgant, a scientist (archaeologist) from the Cardinal Worlds from a higher institute of learning who's spent a large part of his life out in the Transitional and Outremer worlds fascinated by and studying the Azrael ruins in various systems, with some Reclaimer leanings. Finally, Mark Sandar Kelemon, an explorer from one of the Transitional worlds who has a bit of a mercenary attitude with some of the finds he makes.

The first session of the River of Heaven campaign started with an introduction to the universe of the game, and a bit more of a detailed look at some of the star systems of the setting. All five players talked to me about stuff, asking questions about this and that, making it a very interactive session for the group. I went through the basic mechanics with both players, ran some samples of combat that taught them that set of game mechanics, and we talked about some of the other elements of the game.

This first game session of River of Heaven wit the Friday nighters went very smoothly, and the players had a good time of it. They commented that the game looks easy enough to run, and that the game mechanics don't really get in the way of their roleplaying (something that they value quite a lot in game systems), so a pretty entertaining evening all around.

The players have a good and interesting mix of characters, and they're looking forward to playing the game next week. So am I! :)


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