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Sunday Morning Musings

The first day of March. Sunday morning in the Ottawa valley. It's a gaming day for me. :)

The weather this morning is somewhat warm, and going to a high today of -4oC. March is definitely coming in like a lamb. ::knock on wood:: I ate breakfast this morning, and then took a 10-minute walk outside and stretched the limbs, breathed the clean, fresh morning air, and otherwise tried not to think about the left ankle and leg pain as I did so.

Came back inside, and got a pleasant surprise when I went on-line. I'll go into that in a separate post here. In the meantime, this morning I'm taking care of some stuff and getting ready to run this afternoon's game of River of Heaven with the Sunday gaming group. Looking forward to that.

Health-wise, other than the ankle and leg, I feel pretty good though I've been somewhat shaky this morning and have had relatively (for me!) low blood sugar. I'm going to have to keep an eye on that for most of the day, so we'll see how that goes.
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