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Monday Morning

It's Monday morning in the Ottawa valley, the start of the work week.

I had a rough night of it last night, spending part of the late night and early morning hours running to the bathroom with bowel problems. No doubt due to the new medication I've started for the diabetes. Still, that was not pleasant, and it kept me up well into the early morning hours. So I woke up feeling somewhat groggy, and am pretty tired for the most part.

That said, a relatively nice day out there. The morning temperature is around -4oC, a rather nice temperature outside, and I took full advantage of it this morning to take a walk outside during my (albeit too brief) coffee break.

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gamers played another session of the River of Heaven RPG, and had a pretty good time of it. I'll be blogging more about that when I get the chance, possibly this afternoon or this evening.

For now, back to work.
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