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Hump Day Thoughts

It's Hump Day.

Here in the Ottawa valley today, the temperature is going up to a balmy 0oC, so I may do some walking during my lunch hour and when I get home from work, depending on how I feel.

The left ankle and the leg are hurting something fierce today. Speaking of which, at yesterday's doctor appointment he concurred with the rheumatologist about the condition of the nerves in my left ankle, but said that he wouldn't allow me to take Lyrica or one of its generic forms yet, as he wanted me to adjust to the new diabetes medication, Forxiga, first before adding in another drug to the mix.

In gaming news, while the Wednesday night gamers are not scheduled to play this evening (it being their off-week), Donna and Kendall have expressed an interest in starting their Primeval RPG game campaign tonight, as they're both eager to get into it. So I may be running the game this evening, depending on whether David is up for it as well. (Donna is supposed to know this afternoon.)

So when I get home from work this afternoon, I guess I shall do some prep work for tonight, just in case the game of Primeval does happen. And I'm hoping that it does! :)
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