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Toe Problems

I think that my toe is still infected. At the last doctor's appointment that I had about the business (see this journal entry), the doctor thought that the toe was healing. However, it is still bothering me quite a bit, and the redness seems to have returned to the toe.

That said, I have an appointment this afternoon at a foot clinic. I needed to set this up anyway, as as per the doctor's instructions, I should be having my toenails cut by someone proficient in the matter. Heck, should have my foot care done by the pros and done properly and all that. In any event, perhaps the nurse/whatever there will be able to give me an idea of what's going on, or at least a referral somewhere to have this dealt with.

Deep down, I have this real fear that I'm going to need surgery on the toe or some such. I've been having bad dreams (not quite of the nightmares variety) pertaining to the foot and some sort of operation. My biggest concern, of course, is that this puts my plans for Gen Con Indy in jeopardy. If I do have to have some sort of surgery on the foot, I'm not known for my rapidity of healing from foot-related stuff.

Ah, well, can't think like this... Gotta deal with this one day at a time, and one step at a time.
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